OneLife News February 19, 2019

Dear all,

We hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

We are jumping into the new week with lots of enthusiasm and positive vibes!

Have an amazing week everyone! 


The Wonder Wheel Promo is almost over! 

All users who would like to take their education to a higher level, will have the opportunity to receive extra promotional tokens with their packages – a 25%, 50% or 100% of the tokens will be obtained with the activation of the packages you choose!

The Wonder Wheel promotion will be at your disposal until February 20th 23:59 GMT, so make sure you seize your chance and get your lucky spin!


Dear GLG members, 

It is time for some GLG nominations again! All current GLG members who could like to recommend somebody to be the next GLG member, please send your emails with nominations and recommendations to Send us your emails from today – 18th February, until 28th February (including). 

Your emails should include the following information:

1.    Nominee`s name
2.    Username
3.    Leadership rank
4.    Country
5.    Email address
6.    Phone number 

The nominations should be raised by GLG current members ONLY! 

The new GLG members will be announced during the upcoming Mastermind event on 23rd March in Dubai, organized by one of the Master Distributors – Mr. Habib Zahid.

We will be expecting your best recommendations! 


ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING EVENTS FOR 2019 – Barcelona 2019 has been confirmed for 24th, 25th and 26th May! 

Corporate and Master Distributor Jose Gordo have joined forces to present to you one of the most epic Master Mind Events! You will be blown away by the amount of useful information you will receive. You will be able to meet in person all of the special guests and motivational speakers attending the event. Furthermore, you will be able to ask your questions and present economical and financial issues to all the special guests and receive advice and tips in return. 

In one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Barcelona, the people of OneLife will have the pleasure to participate in a unique three-day seminar. Top speakers, best trainers and many surprises promise a unique experience. Business trainings, corporate news, recognitions and many success stories will inspire the audience and exchange leadership ideas.


2019 brings new challenges to all of us! 

The OneAcademy offers useful and exciting topics for your further development. It provides an opportunity to equip you with knowledge and skills for improvement into the financial world. It has a vital role in educating the people who strive to learn and reach new self-development. This motivates us as a company and inspires us to continue our mission further and become even better in what we do best.

Success is the result of innovation. But in order to put great plans into action, one thing is for sure – innovation needs change. Staying true to its fundamental compound that innovation and education go hand in hand with each other, the OneLife company is planning to implement some strategic adjustments to the system as we aim to take the next consecutive step towards the successful public listing of the coin during the year 2019. Therefore, the Corporate Management has decided to undertake the following changes:

According to the corporate strategy, the amount of promotional tokens in OneLife’s educational packages will be decreased with approximately 45 %.

Make sure you follow the official corporate channels for the latest updates about when the changes are going to be implemented.

Here is the list of promotional tokens which every educational package will provide the user after the decrease is implemented:

PackagePromotional tokens
Forex Beginner435
Forex Talented1900
Duis Acrus3965
Pro Trader4345
Forex Advanced4345
Forex Expert16300
Tycoon Trader26080
Forex Unleashed26080

The Promotional tokens received with each education package provide all members with the knowledge and the opportunity to participate in the mining process of the OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) from its initial stages.

Over the past few months, the product portfolio is constantly undergoing important adjustments in line with the Company’s plans for the future strategic development of the company. OneLife is a company with a strong mission and a clear vision, so from now on what we expect is many new peeks conquered and many new users who will join our global team on its way to success.

Become part of the Momentum! Aim high, never seize to become better!



February the 16th is a day to remember!

It is DealShaker’s birthday! 

Thank you for becoming part of the innovation!

Happy shopping, everyone!

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