Congratulations on purchasing OneCoin Educational Packages. Here are few things you need to know and need to do after activating your account…

  1. Wait for your account split. Depending on your package type, you need to make sure you get all your split before submitting your tokens into mining. Submitting tokens before account split will terminate all other split, unless you have you have an automatic mining package like Tycoon Plus, Premium or Infinity. To know how many split does your account have, log in to your back office at and look for Account Split Counter. If it says, 0 of 1, it means you only have 1 split. If it says 0 of 2, it means you need to wait 2 splits. Split Barometer would tell you how many percent until the Next Split will happen. It was announced that the average days for every split is 45 days. Once you get all your account split, please follow the instructions on how to submit your tokens for mining HERE.
  2. Complete Your Profile and KYC. While waiting for your account split, you need to complete your profile and upload your KYC documents. Getting approved for KYC takes about one month so you need to provide all documents as soon as you can. KYC requirements HERE 
  3. You can start selling your coins at (CLOSE IN PREPARATION FOR ONECOIN IPO) provided that you have enough coins and you are KYC approved. Be reminded that you can only sell 1.5% of your available coins or minimum of 1 coin per day from Monday’s to Friday’s. If you only have 50 coins, you may not be able to sell yet (50 x 1.5% = .75 coins) because minimum coin that you can sell is 1 coin. Currently, for Starter Package owners, you can only mine up to 30 coins or less. In this case, you need to wait until OneCoin go public in 2018 where you can sell coins freely.  Target coin price before we go public is 25 Euro. Note of the following sale limit per package (Starter and Trader Package:12 Euro, Pro-Trader and Executive Trader:36 Euro, Tycoon and Tycoon Plus Trader:60 Euro, Premium and Festival:120 Euro) *You can ask OneCoin support to withdraw the cash from  your coin sale to your bank.
  4. Please watch more video presentations to educate yourself about this amazing opportunity. Learning this business is the key. Subscribe to OneLife Newsletter to get the latest updates every week. Go to (but do not log in) and scrool all the way down and you will see the subscription box. Enter your name and email address. Follow official OneCoin and OneLife FB Page Here and OneLife Official YouTube Channel Here
  5. Finish your Educational Package Courses to learn more about investing, trading and profiting from cryptocurrency. Log in at

Note: These are the key things you need to know after activating your account. Once you complete them all, you’re good to go. You need not do anything anymore – just wait until we go public in 2018 or start selling some of your coins and your DONE!!!

Remember, NO Selling and NO Recruiting Required to profit from your coins.

BUT WAIT – If you want to earn bonuses, continue reading…
OneLife Compensation Plan
10% Direct Sales Bonus
10% Network Bonus
10% – 25% Matching Bonus
Start Up Bonus
Detailed Compensation Plan Explained HERE

  1. To start referring people, you can give them your referral link. To get you referral link, log in to your OneLife backoffice at and click My Profile then copy your invite link. Please note that you can choose which side those sign-ups will go. Placement of New Members can be assigned to your Right Leg or Left Leg or Alternately. I provide spillover to your network as my way to help you build your network so that you earn bonuses easily. Click My Network and if you see people to your Right, then you may want to put people you personally invited to your Left Leg or vice versa. However, you may also manually add a new member to your network, just click My Network and find the first available position on your network tree and decide which side you will put them, left or right. If you need assistance on how to better position your Network Tree, please contact me.
  2. As an IMA or Independent Marketing Associate of OneLife, you need to be compliant of the rules and regulations set by the company. Violation of the terms can lead to account termination or getting a frozen account. Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions and IMA Agreement for your compliance.

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