Quick Facts:

  • OneCoin now has more than  3 Million members in over 194 countries
  • Fastest company ever to hit 1 Billion Sales achieved in less than a year
  • Fastest growing Crypto Currency in the market
  • and is the highest ranking cryptocurrency website in the world by
  • Company Revenue is more than $125 Million a week
  • 25,000 members earning 6 figures or more every month
  • 3000-5000 people buying packages daily
  • Fully Audited Blockchain every month
  • Biggest, Fastest and Safest Blockchain Technology
  • e-commerce platform using onecoins at
Goal For 2017
  • To have 10 million active and paid members
  • To get 1 Million merchants accepting OneCoin
  • To bring OneCoin Price at least €25

NOTE: For UK and Japan members only; due to regulations, you need to start from a Starter Package before you can upgrade to a higher package. Other countries can go straight to Trader or Tycoon or any higher package.


Good Day! Thank you for creating a FREE Rookie account on OneCoin. I am Ryan de la Cruz, your sponsor.

Congratulations on taking an action today. Let me just tell you that this is just the beginning. If you really want to be part of something BIG, you need to act fast, NOW. Make sure that you don’t make your rookie account dormant for 14 days to avoid getting frozen. If you cannot activate yet, log in every week to keep the account open.

By joining as a ROOKIE, you will get an access to the back office of OneCoin. You will see everything like mining the coins, blockchain, OneCoin Price and your Network Development as I  provide you spillover (click My Network on your OneCoin Dashboard to check your Network Tree). While having an insider access, you will get the chance to learn about Investing, Trading and Profiting from Crypto-currencies. Just click One Academy on the left side of your account and read the information provided. This way, you will get a feel of what it is like to be a member of OneCoin. From there, you decide if you like to Upgrade your account or not.

Today, there is NO Obligation.  The good thing is you have a FREE account and you got your spot  RESERVED which you can activate within 14 days from registration. In the mean time, confirm your email address so that you can go back anytime should you decide to pursue your membership.

To do this: Go to and enter your username and password. While logged in, confirm your email address (OneCoin sent you a welcome email with a link to confirm your OneCoin FREE account).  Also, Please DO NOT forget to create a Transaction Password for your added security. Please write down your username, password and transaction password in a piece of paper just in case you forget.

It is okay to wait and see what will happen next, BUT Do Not Stay Too Long sitting on the fence. Start your OneCoin Journey as soon as you can because Timing is the key to earn big returns.

The price of OneCoin is now at €9.85

What do you think is the price of OneCoin at the end of 2017?

If you have 500 coins today x  €9.85 =  €4,925

How about 500 coins x €25 = €12,500

What if 500 coins x €100 = €50,000

You do the math – This is the reason why Today is the BEST time to get a hold of OneCoin while the price is still cheap.

Let me just remind you that joining OneCoin, YOU DON’T NEED TO REFER or YOU DON’T NEED TO RECRUIT to MAKE MONEY because you EARN from the appreciation of OneCoin value. I repeat; No Selling, No Referring and No Recruiting required to earn.

But if you want to earn more money, it’s an option. You can build your network to get BIG BONUSES. If you will share this opportunity to your friends, you will be Rewarded with Cash bonus. Bonuses is given weekly every Monday with up to €35,000 as maximum income per account.

Here is the link explaining How To Earn Bonuses with OneCoin:
Should you decide to upgrade your account, here are the Different Packages to choose from:
The Different Single Packages with activation fee of  €30
  • Starter Package = €140
  • Trader Package = €580    or    €550
  • Pro-Trader Package = €1,130    or    €1,100
  • Executive Trader = €3,330    or    €3,300
  • Tycoon Trader = €5,530    or    €5,500
  • Tycoon Plus = €7,530    or    €7,500
  • Premium Trader = €13,780    or    €13,750
  • Infinity Package = €27,530    or    €27,500

You can do Combo Packages (choose your combo, you can mix all)

  • Starter + Trader = €140 + €550
  • Starter + Pro Trader = €140 + €1100
  • Starter + Tycoon = €140 + €5500
  • Starter + Trader + Pro Trader = €140 + €550 + €1100
  • Trader + Pro Trader = €580 + €1100
  • Trader + Tycoon = €580 + €5500
  • Pro Trader + Tycoon Plus = €1130 + €7500
  • Tycoon + Premium = €5530 + €13750
  • Tycoon + Premium + Infinity = €5530 + €13750 + €27,500

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For more info on How To Join, click here:

How To Pay Your Package?
  • Send in your payment via Bank Wire. Full Instructions here:
  • Gift Code is Available, this is the fastest way to Upgrade your account which is Payable via PayPal – ask me how
  • I can buy gift codes directly from OneCoin Hong Kong office

What To Do Next After Account is Activated?

  • Once account is activated, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR TOKENS FOR MINING YET. You need to wait for the Split. Split is when the Split Barometer hits 100% and it will double your Tokens. Note that submitted Tokens before the Split will not double so ask first before submitting your tokens into mining.
Important Reminder
  • A Starter, Trader, Pro Trader and Executive Trader Split 1X only. While a Tycoon Package and Premium Splits 2X, so you need to wait 2 Splits before submitting your Tycoon Tokens. If you have Starter + Trader package together, you have 2x split so wait until you get all your split.
  • Rules for the AUTO-MINING packages: Premium, Festival and Infinity: All Tokens in Premium, Festival and Infinity accounts, regardless whether submitted or not for mining will split.
  • Please ask me a question if you don’t know what to do next regarding your account split
Must watch Interview of Dr. Ruja Ignatova. Please Watch…
Watch: Exclusive Interview of Dr Ruja about future plans of OneCoin and the question Is OneCoin a Scam? :
What to expect if you join our team:
  • I will do all my Best to help you understand this Amazing Opportunity
  • I will give you 24/7 support for you to get started
  • I will give you tips on how to invite people and promote
  • If you want BIG Bonuses, I will give you Spillover to help you build your network (I will build your 1 leg)
Things to know:
  • Split happened on March 30 – June 25 – August 30 – September 30 – December 7 – February 14 – April 3 – May 5
  • Possible Next Split is approximately 45 days after the last split
  • You should actiavte before the next Split to take advantage of time – the sooner you join, the more coins you get

Again, Thank You and Welcome. Take advantage of your position in joining OneCoin. If you missed out Bitcoin, now you have another chance. Please take the time to study OneCoin and if you have questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you and Good luck!!!

Remember, You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Start, BUT You Need To Start To Be Rich

Thank You and Be Blessed!



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