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Exclusive Interview 12/15/2016: Dr. Ruja Ignatova explains how it all started, why Onecoin stands out, the Vision, media opinion including IS ONECOIN SCAM and plans for 2017 Onwards – Must Watch
What is Cryptocurrency?
What is OneCoin Blockchain?
OneCoin Short Presentation


OneCoin Presentation: Must Watch

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    1. Hi once the company register the company on the stock market then you can sell your coins .if you have invested in tokens then you have to mine them which they are produced into a coin & encrypted with your own identification which has a block chain security attatched to it which protects the coin from being stolen by criminals. You also will have a choice to convert your coins for shares in the company that pays 15.5 % interest but you have to put it in a fixed term either 1 year or 2 years.
      If you just want to leave your coins in your account like a bank you will get 5% interest.
      One the company is listed you can sell on the net as the coins will be sought after.
      This is exciting times to learn more go to UTUBE to understand more.

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I’d be grateful if may give me an answer for the following:
    – in Powerback package. How many coins that I’ll get if I join a share of £1000 GBp.
    – is it 77k coins, 60k coins, 50k coins or 48k coins.
    – and when the split begins this last power back package in the mid of Oct 2017.

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