How to join or How to become a OneCoin member?

In order to create an account with OneCoin and register as a OneLife Network member, all you have to do is create an account HERE – create account. Next is buy a package…

For more info on how to join, read HERE – how to join

How to make a payment?

There are few ways to make a payment on the package you want to buy.

Bank Wire: Wire transfer or bank transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer from one person or entity to another. A wire transfer take 3-5 banking days to complete the process. All you have to do is go to your bank of choice and tell the bank teller that you wanted to do International Bank Transfer and send it to any of OneCoin’s bank account in Singapore, Hong Kong or Tanzania. Note that you pay the exact amount of your chosen package in Euro and also pay the fee whatever you bank charge you. For more detailed info, please read it here:

Bitcoin: Paying using Bitcoin is a fast way to buy a package. However, the package price is a little bit higher than normal. This is because of currency exchange difference.

Perfect Money: PM works like PayPal. It is also a fast way to buy a package, but same with Bitcoin, the price is a bit higher caused by currency exchange difference.

China Union Pay: This is available in China, HK and other Asian countries. Like Bitcoin and PM, the price is a bit higher than normal price.

Gift Codes: Codes are payable using PayPal, but it’s not available all the time. It is a first come per serve basis. Let us know if you are interested so that we can reserve a code for you.

How to earn?

There are 2 ways to earn when you become a member. 1st – being Passive which means doing nothing (no selling and no recruiting), just waiting for the coin value to go UP and sell at a desired price. 2nd – being Active, meaning you invite people to be a member too. You will get bonuses weekly. Trust me, it is not that hard to invite people to join OneCoin, just show them the opportunity and explain the benefit they will get in the future.

For more info on how to earn, read HERE – how to earn

What bonuses am I eligible to qualify for after joining the OneLife Network?

There are four types of bonuses that the OneLife Network gives to its members:
1) the start-up bonus, 2) the network bonus 10% 3) the matching bonus up to 20% and 4) the direct sales bonus 10%

Note that 60% of all bonuses are allocated to a member’s cash account and 40% go to their trading account (with the exception of the start-up bonus which is 100% allocated to the trading account).

The bonus round cut-off time is Sunday at 24:00 GMT. Bonuses are generated every Monday at 16:00 GMT. Bonuses are allocated to cash and trading accounts one week after their generation, on Mondays at 16:00 GMT.

How many coins can I sell in a day?

At the moment, there is a limit on the number of coins you can sell per day depending on your package level. Exchange is open from Mondays to Fridays only. You need to be KYC approved or Conditionally Approved to be able to sell. Limits per package is as follows:

  • Starter and Trader Package = 12 Euro
  • Pro-Trader and Executive Trader = 36 Euro
  • Tycoon and Tycoon Plus Trader = 60 Euro
  • Premium and Festival = 120 Euro

Do you have a list of restricted countries?

The OneLife Network has a presence spanning across six continents and is felt in almost every country. The following countries are restricted countries and Marketing Partner Applications may not be accepted from residents within these territories, or there may be limited payment options available: Iran, Iraq, USA.

For USA members – sorry but OneCoin is not open for US citizens yet!!!