Disclaimer: This blog is owned and operated by an Independent Marketing Associate. This is NOT an official OneCoin or OneLife Network advertisement.  The IMA of this blog is NOT an employee of OneCoin. 

OneCoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionizing the business world of today’s digital economy.

Bitcoin made many millionaires. However, it is too late to get involve in Bitcoin now. But you are still LUCKY because today, there is a new crypto-currency that is BIGGER, BETTER, SAFER and has an Intrinsic Value. OneCoin is backed by Gold and has an independent auditor to check the authenticity of transactions on the blockchain.

This opportunity is only available through a strict by invitation basis, providing you the knowledge you need to succeed in the world of crypto-currency.

Should you decide to join OneCoin through us, we will provide you everything you need to get started. We will guide you step-by-step on how to set-up.

Note: You may get spillovers from us (more on this in How To Earn page)

How To Join OneCoin

Step 1: Create an account: Create FREE OneCoin Account HERE 

Just fill up the form and create account. We will send you further details on what to do next. Check your Message Inbox for by logging in to your Rookie Account at www.onelife.eu – If you don’t get a message from us within 48 hours, send us an email inquiry at onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency@gmail.com and we will send you instructions.

Note: Do not forget to confirm your email address (OneCoin sent you a confirmation message to your email)

Step 2: After successfully creating your account, log-in to your OneCoin back office  at www.onelife.eu and Upgrade Account by choosing a package. For Split Strategy on different packages, check OneCoin Current Promo

Here are the different packages to choose from

Note: For a SINGLE PACKAGE, there is a one time activation fee of €3O. For 2 or more packages, no need to pay another activation fee of €3O. Below is the total cost of each Packages (single package prices).

Note: For UK and Japan members ONLY – you must join with a Starter Package first, after which you can upgrade to a higher level. All UK members will have a 14-days cancellation right after purchasing the package.

Step 3: Make a payment. You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, China Union Pay or Bank Wire. To do this, log in to your account at www.onelife.eu then click SHOP>>>ONEACADEMY EDUCATIONAL>>>then choose your package you want to purchase and click ADD TO CART>>>CHECK OUT>>>SELECT PAYMENT METHOD

For Bank Wire Payment: Follow the instructions on how to pay via bank wire. We do accept PayPal payment upon request.

Do you need Gift Codes, but don’t know any Official OneLife Distributor near you?

Good News, OneCoin Hong Kong office is accepting direct payments and since I am based here in Hong Kong, I can get you gift codes anytime. Ask me how to buy a gift code from OneCoin HK office. *Gift Codes are used to activate account if you can’t upgrade using Bitcoin, Perfect Money or Bank Wire.

What To Do Next After Account is Activated?

  • Once activated, you need to wait for the Split. Split is when your Tokens will double in numbers. Watch for the Split Barometer to hit 100% before submitting your Tokens for mining. Submitted Tokens before the Split will not double.
  • Check how many splits you have, if 0 of 3 in your account split, then wait 3 splits or until it become 3 of 3 before you submit tokens into mining
  • A Starter, Trader, Pro Trader Split 1X only. While a Tycoon Package Splits 2X, so you need to wait 2 Splits before submitting your Tokens.
  • Rules for the AUTO-MINING packages: Premium – All Tokens in Premium regardless whether submitted or not for mining will split.

Congratulations! We all look forward to the great benefits and financial rewards you’re going to receive for taking action and finding out about this incredible opportunity so early on! To your success! Let’s do this together, cheers!

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How To Earn?

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254 Replies to “How To Join”

      1. I have trader package, by splitting I have 450.88 tokens, last month I checked I saw 449.88. I would like to know how lost the coin?

        1. A Trader package initially gives you 5000 tokens. After split, you should get 10,000 total tokens + any promo is eligible. I don’t understand why you said you have 450.88 – are you sure it’s the token? Kindly check with the person who invited you to explain it to you, thanks!

      1. Where to contact in saudia arabia i want to buy pakages but i dnt have any online money account or visa card khanakash01@gmail this is my email.

        1. Hello, what happened to your account now? Have you created an account yet? Let us know so that we can asisst you further, thanks!

    1. Hi there, to answer your question sir, you need convert from Euro to USD to African Rands. For a Starter Package which is €130 = $141 USD = 2265 ZAR ; Trader Package €530 = $577 USD = 9269 ZAR ; Pro-Trader Package is €1030 = $1121 USD = 18,014 . Please do note that this is not the final amount. It still depends on current exchange rate. Remember to send it to Euro when you do bank wire transfer sir. We have have gift codes, just ask us… Thank you sir!

  1. Hi,

    Can you please let me know how to pay to onecoin from India as I have few intrested referrals willing to join Onecoin?

    Is there a local Onecoin Indian bank account if yes can you please provide me details?

    Also why cant we pay directly by debit/credit card?


    1. Hi,

      Sorry sir, but unfortunately there is NO Indian bank or local bank of OneCoin in India right now. There is only UK, Germany and Tanzania. Credit/Debit card payment is currently unavailable too. I am not sure if Perfect Money is okay, but the safest is Bank Wire Transfer and Gift Codes. If you are under my team, I can help you get Gift Codes payable via PayPal. But if not, try Bank Wire sir. Thank you and best wishes to you. Take Care!

        1. I think so, pls try to Upgrade your account by going to SHOP and choose bank wire, you should see an email which you can contact and get info how to bank wire your payment, thanks!

  2. HI, am got some information about ONECOIN, I WANT TO JOIN IT,SO how costs in TANZANIA to buy a STATER PACKAGE because am confused? Then, what banks used to send money ,how many banks in BANKS IN TANZANIA allowed for that payments?

      1. Hi. What the rate of the rising today. Then may I use my account cash to upgrade the package?? On Mar 21, 2016 4:06 PM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

        > onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency commented: “Hi there, you can be a passive > member or an active member. Passive is when you mine your coins and wait > for the value to rise. Being Active is when you share this opportunity to > others and earn bonuses. You can do both, up to you…” >

        1. Yes you can use your cash to upgrade your account. Just make sure you have enough. To do this, click Upgrade account and you should see an option to use your cash balance. It can also be use to buy a gift code (click Shop>>>buy Gift Code)

          1. OK. What concerned with gift code???? On Mar 22, 2016 7:06 PM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

            > onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency commented: “Yes you can use your cash to > upgrade your account. Just make sure you have enough. To do this, click > Upgrade account and you should see an option to use your cash balance. It > can also be use to buy a gift code (click Shop>>>buy Gift Code)” >

  3. Hello! I am having some trouble with creating my account. I am filling in everything correctly but it still says “Error Occurred” at the bottom. What could be the problem?

  4. I’m really keen to join intact I will,can you pay using PayPal? And for example if you are a starter trader is it possible to make money like can you estimate how much a starter strader can make per month?

      1. Thanks, I have informed that on Friday, the starter package will banned out is it real information?? On Apr 3, 2016 8:27 AM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

        > onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency commented: “You can buy gift codes from us > payable via PayPal, but you cannot buy directly from OneCoin. You earn not > by monthly, but every time the value of the coin rises. Although you can > earn weekly if you build your network.” >

    1. Hi there, you need to choose which bank you will send your payment. There is a bank for Europe members, for Asian and African. Just get the details and give it to your local bank. Send in your payment before April 11 to avoid 10% price increase. If you want, we can arrange a gift code for you payable via PayPal. Just send us an email for more info.

      1. Thanks am on the way to join in OneCoin Crypto-currency , On Apr 6, 2016 6:02 AM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

        > onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency commented: “Hi there, you need to choose > which bank you will send your payment. There is a bank for Europe members, > for Asian and African. Just get the details and give it to your local bank. > Send in your payment before April 11 to avoid 10% price increase. If you wa” >

      2. My questions is about, how can I use credit card for payment of packages On Apr 6, 2016 6:02 AM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

        > onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency commented: “Hi there, you need to choose > which bank you will send your payment. There is a bank for Europe members, > for Asian and African. Just get the details and give it to your local bank. > Send in your payment before April 11 to avoid 10% price increase. If you wa” >

      3. Then, my question is about the increase ,when I have informed that 140 EURo for the starter package .It is confusing me that it will cost about 1.633000/= Tanzania shillings while 1€ =2488= Tanzania shilling .I need some clarification please!!!

          1. in tranferrin of money in bank wire as in Tanzania there need of transferring payments??

    1. Dear, I have joined but I don’t understand what codes should be activated. Hence wanted to activate code before May 30th 2016??? On Apr 9, 2016 5:41 PM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

      Kaushal Patel commented: “sir I would like to join but tell me how I used one coin with examples. I am in India”

  5. Hi! I am already a member with a sizeable down line but buying packages through my up line is causing me an arm and a leg. I then decided ti register with One Pay and then took both their IBAN and SWIFT to Absa my bank in South Africa which struggled to assist me because they could not locate the SWIFT code given by One Pay (Georgia) in their system as a result am still stuck with no direction at all.
    when selecting a payment option within the system other options are bank wire, One coin, credit card and cash account which works out wonderfully. My bank also mentioned PayPal which I had heard before until I read some of the emails here.Seeing that Capital Bank is not user friendly to South African miners and more over my bank my bank says one should have some kind of an invoice indicating the packages to be paid for and their amounts. As I intend to buy a Premium what exactly do I need to do step by step through my bank?

    1. Hi there, if you want to pay through bank wire, please use the OneCoin Bank Account in Tanzania. Try to give this info to your bank and hopefully they can process it:
      ACCOUNT HOLDER: IMS Marketing Tanzania Limited
      BANK: Bank of Africa (T) Limited
      ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01528310001
      CURRENCY: US $
      BANK ADDRESS: NDC Development House, Kivukoni/Ohio Street,
      P.O Box 3054, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
      If this does not work, please join our team so that we can assist you further and look for other ways to get codes faster. Thank you!

  6. Hi i’m really interested in joining you guys please email me with more information,with examples in currency exchange as i’m in pakistan

    1. Hi, am asking about what codes which can be activated, hence the information wanted me to confirm code before 30th, April 2016?? On Apr 23, 2016 5:28 PM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

      Waqas Aslam commented: “Hi i’m really interested in joining you guys please email me with more information,with examples in currency exchange as i’m in pakistan”

        1. Thanks I will give you some of the information On Apr 26, 2016 11:37 AM, “OneCoin Crypto-currency” wrote:

          > onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency commented: “Those codes that are purchased > before April 11 needs to be activated before April 30, 2016. It means Gift > Codes -” > Respond to this comment by replying above this line > > New comment on *OneCoin Crypto-currency > * > > > > *onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency* commented > > on How To Join > . > > > in response to *ADERICK SIMON*: > > Hi, am asking about what codes which can be activated, hence the > information wanted me to confirm code before 30th, April 2016?? On Apr 23, > 2016 5:28 PM, “OneCo

  7. I been watched the video on how to pay onecoin using credit card. On the video, I saw on the select payment method corner (,onecoin account,one pay, bank wire,Perfect Money,bitcoin,China union pay ,cash account,credit card), is belong to the option payment method. And why is it when I click buy and bring me to the payment option method(Pay gift code) no credit card and China UnionPay. So strange. You can watch the video (OneCoin how to pay with credit Card)

  8. hi , kindly help

    i am looking for anybody in South Africa who is the member of onecoin and he/she knows onecoin system well. where is the presentation venue in Pretoria or Johannesburg. we are struggling to understand how the system works.

  9. Iam a south African send me More information,because I want join you guys and I want you to assist me with everything encluding the currency of south Africa.were do I start I want to understand this business too,&the interest %as well thanx

    1. This is the Bank in Tanzania:
      ACCOUNT HOLDER: IMS Marketing Tanzania Limited
      BANK: Bank of Africa (T) Limited
      ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01528310001
      CURRENCY: US $
      BANK ADDRESS: NDC Development House, Kivukoni/Ohio Street,
      P.O Box 3054, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  10. Can you give me an example of a country where you can send money (remittance) through one coin account and the receiver receives it in local kiosks or bank? How does it work? (structure)

    1. OneCoin Cash Transfer or Coin Transfer from a member to another is done internally at the moment. This however will change in the future where you can use OneCoin to send money anywhere in the world. We are in the making… Please be patient!

  11. How to I join onecoin company limited living in Ireland and how to I payment send to you
    Send all details to my email address please thanks

  12. it is possible for third party to pay the package ,let’s say i refer a friend but she has no budget at the moment and a friend of mine wants to pay for her. it is possilbe?

    1. Paying Bitcoin is possible. Just log in and click shop, click Gift Code Buy Now, choose your Package (if upgrading from Rookie, choose Gift Code with activation fee), then BUY, then select payment method which Bitcoin, then further instructions on how to send your Bitcoin payment will appear. After payment is verified, you will get your Gift Code (these are numbers and letters). Next thing to do is to redeem the code. Just go to Shop, Redeem Code, enter the code and click Redeem, you should get an confirmation that the code is used and account activated. To make sure it did, click dashboard and you should see your tokens. Do not do anything in your tokens yet, wait for the split which will double your tokens, only then you can submit for mining.

  13. I am in Saudi Arabia, I tried to send money and the banks couldn’t assist as I was told it should be from peer to peer and not peer to company. I need to upgrade my pack before the split. Kindly advice

  14. Hi, i had paid for a friend as a trader package, she said her account is still showing rookie but the amount for a trader package amount is already credited to her cash account! She tried to buy gift code ( trader package) with no activation code , but when she tried to redeem the gift code provided by the system it said can not be be used , or said invalid and tried again and it said she can not use gift code with a rookie account? And the amount was already deducted from her cash account? What shall we do, to her account to be upgraded to trader which we originally purchased?

    1. Hi there, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Are you part of our team? For a first time rookie to upgrade account, you must buy any package with activation fee because that is a membership fee, you can do 2 things, try to contact OneCoin support and tell them your problem or contact any member and try to buy from them a starter package with activation fee and redeem that code first, then your trader code after

  15. want to start with trader of 1100uro .lpiz give explanation how much will get in 3months.my watsup nuber 00263772941112

    1. A trader package is worth €550 + €30 activation fee, it has 5000 tokens +10% bonus tokens until July 7. A Pro-Trader package costs €1100 + €30 activation fee, it has 10,000 +10% bonus tokens, also until July 7.
      OneCoin is not your typical investment. It is a long term plan so if you want to calculate your profit in 3 months, it’s not possible. It does not work that way. But here is what I can say. For example you get the Pro-Trader until July 7, you will get 11,000. It will split once so it will double, a total of 22,000 tokens (this process will take 2-3 months). Then you submit your tokens for mining. If the mining difficulty at that time will be 75, then you will have 293 coins. The mining process takes about 3 months. So the process alone of getting your account set up until you mine your coins is around 6 months. So if you are planning to get profit in 3 months, it’s not possible.

      However, this will all change once the new blockchain will activate on October 1, 2016. Also good news to all who will join before October 1 because everyone will double their coins. So if you have 293, it will double on October 1.

      Now, the projection is for the coin value to go up to €100. It might take 3 years or more to do that. But still €100 X 586 is big profit.

  16. story my interest is to join this month bt the problem ihv no enough information and the profit of being with onecoin

    1. Hi there, what information do you need more so that we can give them to you. If you want to join, do it soon because the split barometer is now 88% so just few days all accounts will double their tokens, so no long wait for you + you get the chance to double your coins if you join before October 1. This is a long term plan or holding, say 3 years or more. Bitcoin made it big only after 5 years. This is now a quick scheme. Thanks…

  17. Hi there, I am from Bangladesh..is it possible for me to join onecoin..?
    If possible then let me know the process please..
    I am agerly waiting to here you soon..

  18. Hi there, I am from Bangladesh..is it possible for me to join onecoin..?
    If possible then let me know the process please..
    I am agerly waiting to here you soon..

  19. Hello Sir. I am from United Arab Emirates. I want to join ur team. Plz guide me how to start and join.

    My whatsup 00971502307382

  20. Am a ugandan east africa can l join here in Uganda is it legal because it Seems to be amazing business am paddy

  21. Hello!
    I want to upgrade my account but i want to try to use one pay! How can i do that? And how long does it take ?

    Thank you,

  22. Yes, i have an existing starter account and wants to upgrade! Am i qualified to use my one pay as i have the one pay account password already.

    Thank you

  23. Hi

    I will like to know more about this how posable to can loose on this and with this expecially in South Africa people who introduce us sush the one will be upline they do fail us so this thing need some people who have a petion on helping others cause the is lots of business like this which is not working because of the gridy an selfish people graping this an start mislidind others i am a South African i have here about one life but still no one mento others i will like to have some mento on this cause i like it an if is helping people we have lots of people who have failed by lots of stock broker in our county who have misleaded our people now people they need some thing like one life sound like it will help lots please come back to me after i joine i need to refare other people but let me first have mento an know this better.

    1. Hi there,

      Sorry for the late reply. I completely understand where you are coming from. I wish I could do something to help you out. Anyways, I have people in South Africa. I can connect you to them so that they can help you understand the business well. But to give you an idea, all transaction here is done via online so you still need to do bank wire when making a payment. What my people can do to you is to give you offline support. Let me know if you need help. Please email me at onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency@gmail.com and tell me what help you want.

      Thank you and Be Blessed!

    1. Current Promo: To show our gratitude to our most dedicated supporters, and especially following the launch of the new OneCoin cryptocurrency blockchain, we have decided to give all our members a unique opportunity – the SUPER SPLIT!

      Yes, that’s right – one of the most astounding chances ever presented by the company, the next Split won’t just split your promotional Tokens once, it will do so TWICE!

      That means that all promotional tokens will split next time TWICE – so a total of X4 tokens after the split! A Starter Package which has 1000 Tokens, after the Super Split you will have 4000 (1000x2x2). Imagine if you have a Trader Package with 5,000 tokens or Tycoon Package with 60,000 tokens or a Combo Package.

      Please note that the Super Split will still count as only 1 split – not as 2. If you are entitled to two splits, for example, you will receive the super split – and still, have one to go (ex. a Tycoon Package or higher or combo Packages). The offer is valid ONLY for new packages or upgrades activated AFTER OCTOBER 1st!

      So don’t miss your chance to get this special offer and increase the amount of promotional Tokens, that will give you access to the OneCoin mining pools. Visit your Backend and get your packages now! Should you need any further clarification regarding the Super Split feel free to contact our Support Team.

  24. Bonjour
    Je veux acheter un package mais je peux pas le faire avec virement bancaire !
    J’ai essai de le faire avec carte bancaire mais ce mode n’existe pas
    Comment je peux faire a l’aide a l’aide
    Merci cordialement

  25. I am in Tanzania how can I join and IS there any contract we are going to sign because this is related to money perhaps I don’t receive what you promise and deliverable are not met where can I sue the company?

    1. Once you create an account, that serve as a contract already because you agree to terms and conditions. We do not promise anything here sir. Everything always take a risks so you decide if you want to take that risk or not. If you want you can go to a bank for lower risk.

  26. Hi there
    I wanna join onecoin, but I’m just wondering g if there’s still any promotion at the moment and if not when will it be?
    Can you please send me the invitation link?
    Many thanks

  27. Good evening to you, I would like to join onecoin please when is the current promotion ending I don’t want to be left out please. Thx

  28. please do I need to register under someone, and after completing the payment when will I start earning or do I need to register someone before earning?

  29. Exactly yes! So that he/she can earn money from you. And as a one coin member for 1 yr and never try to convince someone to join. Never get even small penny. Take note nobody buy a coin. Just telling the truth.

  30. Be Blessesd?? Just telling the truth!!! Tried to sell my coins for how many months. Even I put into lower amount still nobody buy the coin. So its proven I cannot get my money back unIess I convince someone to join me. I will ask apology to onecoin regarding my attitude soon when Someone buy my coins.

  31. How and when can I withdraw all of my money? If you don’t answer, how can I answer my friends as I try to convince them to buy onecoin.

  32. Hi, I’m from lesotho. I joined using the trader package. Are you guys going public at the end of 2017 or 2018? When you sell your coins, does the money reflect in your account or how do you get your cash? Thank you

  33. I’m in Uganda and Already in the business but Gift codes are such a big issue to get for my Downlines…. Could you please help me out on how I can easily get codes to activate my accounts??? What’s the process?? Thank you!

  34. Hello please i need to know how this work and how i can gain or benefit from it. I just came across it. My name is Victor from Nigeria. What kind of business can i do here to earn. Please help am completely lost

  35. I have bought 90000 pakistani rps package and im told that i can withdraw money aftr few months but here i read tht its by the end of 2018 tht we can withdraw?if u can kindly clear my confusion?

  36. Sir,im a Nigerian and a Rookie.I’m interested in upgrading to trader package. How do I send in my payment fast before the split which is at 84%. Can I send u my account details so you buy and upgrade while I pay after that or better still create another account for me with all the details with and then show that you’ve done it in a simple video and then I’ll send the payment. It’s urgent sir.


  37. I m interested to join in tycoplus package….but I yet don’t get….in which account I have to transfer money….and what’s the proof ….about my right transaction??

  38. Hi this is Rozi what is the condition for those who register in one country and go by the time to other country .is there is any alternative

    1. You can change country at any time provided that you can show documents later for KYC approval. However, there are counties where OneCoin do not operate yet like US.

  39. Hi how do I trade from Nigeria or do I have to find an independent miner??.Thanks but will appreciate if I can get an authentic platform.

    1. Hi sir,

      There is no trading of OneCoin like Bitcoin yet. We are not in public at the moment which should enable the coin to be traded publicly. Company plan is on the second quarter of 2018. Right now, you can buy coins by buying an educational package which will give you coins in return. Pls check How To Join page to learn how to join OneCoin, thanks!

  40. Please send me details of one coin like its account opening procedure, benefits of one coin and how much investment etc. I want to join One coin


    1. Hello sir, In this page where you made your comment, all info about how to join is already listed including the prices of each pacakges and also how you can pay. Let us know what package you are interested in so that we assist you further on how to send in your payment. For smaller packages, we arrange a PayPal payment for you. Pls contact us tru our contact us page sir, thanks!

    1. Kindly register using the links on this blog then we will send you instructions further or you can contact us via email to assist you further, thanks!

  41. What are age limits to join?can under 18 join and what about government officers can they also join? I m talking about pakistan

    1. Anyone can join as long as they are of legal age which is 18 – it doesn’t matter if you are a working professional, government employee, student or working at home. Thanks –

  42. Dear concerns,
    I am from pakistan and want to purchase Starter package and trader package !!
    pl guide me how can i purchase your packages !!

    1. Hello there, how are you sir? Have you created an account yet? If no, please email us directly so that we can help you further, thanks!

    1. To get coins, you need to buy a package. It’s that simple ma’am. Create a rookie account first then activate the account.

    1. Currently, your onecoins will be stored in your dashboard under the maintenance of the company. It is secure and better than storing it to third party provider.

  43. Hi there,
    This is Subbu. It’s good to here about the One coin’s current market and hope your future prediction’s come true. I have gone through your website and got few questions for you to answer me.
    1. I am an Indian citizen, but currently residing in Australia. Is it possible to open and account in Australia?
    2. If i can open an account in Australia, can i submit my Indian passport as proof of identity?
    3. Is One coin Legal in Australia or will it be in future? What about India?
    4. Currently are there any distributors or marketing agencies in Australia who can help us guide through One coin? Can you provide details if there are any.
    5. If in case i open an account and deposit the money, where do the deposited money go? To who’s account will it be credited to? To any other ‘X’ bank or to a Private organisation?
    Please revert me back with answers. waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    1. Yes you can create an account wherever you are. But make sure to use your country in the sign up page. This is to make sure that your documents like Passport will match together. Payments will go directly to the company of course. Sorry but we don’t have concrete difficulty computation. for that info, pls contact OneCoin support, thanks!

  44. Am in Abudhabi United Arab Emirates , how can i join or is it posible to join from This country thnks.

    And is it possible to make payments through master card?

    Thanks so much onelife

    1. Hello there, yes you can join from your country. Please register using our link then message us to help you make a payment. You can use Paypal or Bitcoin.

  45. how can i create account and how can receive back my payment along with can do any business in this one coin i am in Pakistan and what about safety of my money (Security)
    Is One coin Legal in Pakistan

    1. Yes we are legal in Pakistan. We have a very big and active team in Pakistan. Go to our How To Join page and register from there, thanks!

    1. Hello, how are you? Have you created an account yet? Let us know so that we can help you further, thanks!

  46. Hi,how to buy package from Malaysia,bank for payment of purchase,mine package account platform provide by whom,how to top up 100 tokens of onecoin,how to sell it?
    up one coin

  47. I opened account with you since July but up to now my account is showing 0 balance and it is still undermaintanance, I really don’t understand this.

    1. What is exactly the problem? Contact the person who invited you to OneCoin to help you out. We cannot help you as we don’t know what is going on. Pls contact them…

  48. I will like to buy some of the Onecoin packages.But I will like to know how much profits i will make if I invest my funds into one coin and how long will it take before I can have access to my profits or funds or before i can withdraw it…

    1. Contact us via WhatsApp to assist you further +852-6843502. If you buy your coins now, you can sell on October 8, 2018

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