Disclaimer: This blog is owned and operated by an Independent Marketing Associate. This is NOT an official OneCoin or OneLife Network advertisement.  The IMA of this blog is NOT an employee of OneCoin. 

By joining the OneLife Network, you not only get the Best Online training on how to profit from crypto-currency, but moreover you position yourself in an unlimited revenue generating program, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed.  OneCoin is committed to make you successful – and will provide all the support you need to grow your business or team.

There are 2 ways to earn on OneCoin

Passive Income and Build a Network

Passive Income


No Selling

No Referring

No Recruiting

No Networking

You Do Not Have To Do Anything to EARN – Why?

The idea behind Bitcoin is to buy low and sell high. That is exactly what happened with Bitcoin. In 2009, the price of each Bitcoin is just $0.10 and come 2013, it costs more than $1100 a piece. If you have 1000 Bitcoins at that time, you could have earned 1.1 Million dollars.

OneCoin is just starting. I cannot stress more that today is the best day to get involve with another successful cryptocurrency in the making. You are at the forefront of something BIG. Time is everything – Take advantage of it!

Example 1: Let’s just say you have 1000 OneCoins today. Should you decide to sell your coins at current price which is  €7.85 as of November 25, 2016  €9.85 as of March 9, 2017 €15.95 as of today – you earn  €15,950.

Example 2: If you decide to sell your coins later and wait a little more, say in 3 years time (refer picture above) assuming that each coin by then would be €100, the value of your coins would then be 1000 x €100 = €100,000

Example 3: What if you have more onecoins, say 2000 = €200,000

NOTE: This is by staying Passive. No selling, No Recruiting, doing Nothing!

All you have to do now is BUY OneCoins and wait for the value of the coins to appreciate. Just position yourself today and you will earn big in the future. It requires no maintenance. You don’t need to sell, to refer or to recruit. Just BUY and sit back – nothing else. However, if you do want to refer your friends so that they too can earn from the appreciation of OneCoin value, you will get bonuses. Bonuses and Rewards is the second way to earn. But understand that it is completely optional.

 Build a Network

Note: This is completely optional. You can choose to stay passive, do nothing and earn from the appreciation of OneCoin value. But if you want to build a network, this is for you. You will get rewarded with BIG bonuses.

OneCoin borrow the MLM Business Model to promote this opportunity to the people. The compensation plan is so simple.

Weekly Payout Limit Per Package

  • Starter – €700 a week
  • Trader – €3,500 a week
  • Pro Trader – €7,000 a week
  • Executive – €21,000 a week
  • Tycoon and higher packages – €35,000 a week

1. Direct Referral Bonus – you will get 10% of all the people you refer regardless of account type.

Example: If you refer a friend who purchased a Tycoon Trader which has 5500 BV Points, you will get 10% of that 5500 VB Points. Your Direct Referral Bonus will be €550.

2. Network Bonus – Your sales organization is based on two legs. The leg with the lowest sales volume within a calculation period (one week), 10% of this Business Volume (BV) is paid out weekly. The same amount of Business Volume (BV) will be deducted from your “Greater Network” eg (the leg with the higher Business Volume for the weekly period). If your position maxes out – the BVs on both side are reset to 0.

Example: If you refer some of your friends and you decided to position them on both legs, say 2 Tycoon Trader (11000 BV Points) on your Left Leg and 1 Tycoon Trader (5500 BV Points) on your Right Leg, you will get an additional 10% of the BV on your weaker leg. In this example, you will get a Network Bonus of €550 on top of your Direct Referral Bonus.

NOTE: Your remaining BV would be 5500 BV Points which will be carried out to the following bonus week (if you did not maxed out your weekly bonus).

3. Matching Bonus – You will get a bonus up to 4 Generation with a payout of up to 25%. To qualify for matching bonus you have to have one direct sponsored member on each side – left and right with minimum Trader package status.

4. Start-Up Bonus – To qulaify, you need to collect 5500 BV Points in personal sales within 30 days after registering in OneCoin. You will get another 10% of all the BV Points you personally refer.

5. One Life Points – Every member automatically be part of OneLife Club – you earn points everyday. You can exchange your points for attractive items – unique holidays, luxury watches and other amazing and exclusive rewards.

Do you like the bonuses so far?

Then go get it, Start inviting your Friends Now!

How to get Started?

You can create a FREE account Today and Upgrade Later

Get an access to the back office and upgrade anytime you want

Reserve your spot now!

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295 Replies to “How To Earn”

      1. You have to buy an educational package – each packages will give you tokens in which you can use to mine the coins. Make sure to join us so that we can assist you for your further questions, thanks!

          1. As per management announcement, selling of coins will start when OneCoin go public in second quarter of 2018. In the mean time, you can use your coin to buy products and services at http://www.dealshaker.com or exchange it to OFC.

    1. Kingsley Alisigwe from nigeria, i am interested in onecoin, how can i buy some and i want to invite my friends

      1. Please create an account under us to assist you further and to make sure you will get support and guide, thanks!

    1. Hi there, the minimum is Starter Package €130. If you want to join, join now because soon packages will increase in price due to high demand. The split barometer is now at 93% so be sure to activate your account before the split. It is free to create a FREE account so that you can see for yourself what it is like to be a member. You will all info. If you have more questions, pls email us at onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency@gmail.com

  1. sir to get one coin ,how much tokens I need,,sir in net I had seen like, 5.85 dollars to get one coin,,…i have to buy ,,,according to dollar rate,euro rate or pounds sir..may I know sir.

    1. With a Starter package, you will get a total of 1,000 Tokens. When split happens in 2 weeks time, your Tokens will double – 2,000Tokens. Should you submit your 2,000Tokens for mining with the current mining difficulty rate of 53, it will mine 37.73 coins.

      So you need 53 tokens to mine 1 coin. The price of 1 OneCoin now is $5.85 usd or €5.25 –

      1. Hi, i would like to ask you what happens with the tokens that you submit to mine, do they remain on your account or you need to purchase another package again.?

        1. Tokens submitted to mining will turn into coins of course. If you buy another package, then you will get another set of tokens.

  2. Sir thank you for guiding me,,,sir can I know where the amount I have to invest ,and how vl get the confirmation that I have joined the onecoin bussiness

    1. No problem my friend. I would suggest that you try to create a Free account so that you can see your dashboard. It is very easy to understand if you get inside.

      From a Rookie member, once you upgrade to Starter, you will receive right away your tokens. That’s when you can say you have a starter package.

        1. You will get 25% of the token purchased by your referrals. Once you get enough 1000, then you can get free starter package.

  3. Sir in some website,,by Ethan bulliet said that onecoin trading is a scam, how do I believe,,bcos I have to invest.

    1. Ethan is a blogger who says everything is a scam. If you and check his blog, almost all his posts are saying that it is a scam. Not only he says OneCoin is a scam, all his reviews on some businesses he says it’s a scam so he is the real scammer. If you believe him sir, I cannot do anything but I hope that he will not destroy your dream just because he said it is a scam. Try to look further, investigate more, talk to people who are in the business and decide if you can handle the risks. Let me remind you sir that it is not guaranteed though, but we are optimistic.

  4. To in dash board, I selected activation n in payment mode…..i want to pay through cash,so which option in payment mode I hv to select sir.

    1. You can choose bank wire then it will give you the bank details as to where you will send the your cash payment. Do note that your bank may charge you bank transfer fee and it takes 5 banking days to transfer. Pls let me know your email so that I can send you further instructions should you want to upgrade using bank transfer, thanks!

    1. A Starter Plan will get the same bonuses as with other packages, only, you have a maximum of 700 Euro bonus per week. Meaning, if you get a 1000 Euro as bonus for the week, you only get 700 Euro. If you want to increase the limit, upgrade to a higher package.

    1. This currency will change us from zero to hero. poor to millionaire & lucky as amuslim it is allowed by sharia/halal(thanks to Dr
      luja.)from Ssegirinya.[ Uganda].

    1. All account type including a Starter Package will get 10% referral bonus and 10% network bonus if they invite people in. You can sponsor your own self so that you get 10% referral bonus, just make a new account under you. The 10% extra token bonus is over though.

  5. Hi sir,
    Please guide me that on 1st of october only coins will be doubled or both tokens and coins will be doubled….i have trader account and may b 2 splits before october..should i go for mining after splits or wait after october then i go for mining…

    1. All coins on the dashboard and all tokens in mining, all coins in coinsafe will double. Tokens on the tokens account will not double on October 1. Tokens doubles only during a split. If you have 2 splits waiting, wait for the second split before mining. Do not submit yet after the first split, hoping we still get 2 splits before October 1.

  6. Sir… Iam join with tycoon trader package.. When i get money… Which year is the final day of one coin… And how to earn money without MLM

    1. Hi there, are you part of our team? If yes, pls email us, look at contact us page. If not, contact the person who sponsored you. They must explain to you more about OneCoin. I think you have a limited understanding of how OneCoin works. Thank you!

  7. I don’t understand why I manually using the account trading money to buy token which is more expensive (0.277) than let the system automatically purchase for me which is just around 0.09. Do u know why??

  8. After i sign up with one life, a member show up in my network tree that i didn`t sponsored. He is sponsored from another sponsor and he is in my network tree. Why that happened? How he made it in my network tree when he is sponsored not from me?

  9. Hello sir my question is it want to invest in your plan but sir I want know that my money is safe or not and if possible can you explan about your government registered any kind of that I will trast on you

    1. Thank you for your question. Pls note that I am not in any way an employee of OneCoin. However, this I can tell you that OneCoin is legally operating on almost any country. If you want to get to the bottom of this and get a copy of registration or anything that would satisfy your questions, pls contact OneCoin support. Thank you and Be Blessed.

  10. Please sir I want you to put me through.

    what’s the meaning of token. and the minimum amount
    to buy onecoin and the profit in a month

  11. Hello sir I have trader package and my toke is mined and available in one coin now what can i do and how much i will withdrawal


  13. I have bought a trader pakage , how mayny coins can i sale at the current rate, i want to know number of coins.
    secondly, to sell all coins do we have to put the coin again and again on sale!!

  14. Hello, I want to know that how many splits I can get if I start with starter package and readily get it upgraded to pro trader? Kindly mention the number of total splits available in any basic package and upgraded package.

    1. Keep in mind that the orders on the exchange are valid for 5 days. If they are not executed within those 5 days, they are declined and during that time, their status that will be displayed as “Pending”. In case an order is not executed or pending no funds (money or OneCoins) are being debited from the account. As a standard exchange platform all market principles are applicable, so we are not able to affect the time, number or price of executed orders. The sell orders are dependent on the amount of the submitted buy orders, so they will be executed when there are existing matching opposite orders.

  15. I see, that is why you are asking me about expires. Well, honestly any IMA of OneCoin is NOT allowed to represent OneCoin like that. We are NOT allowed to promise Profit. Although it can happen, but according to our rules as OneCoin marketers, we should not be presenting like that. Sorry, I cannot confirm to you about this info. What I can say is OneCoin price may be valued at €25 in 2017, that’s according to Dr. Ruja – be careful who or what team to join. In our team, we never promise anything. We just tell the truth! Good luck!

    1. You have to wait for the split first then submit tokens for mining then another 2 weeks for the coins to be mined. Only then you can start selling. But note that you cannot sell all your coins at once. Pls ask the person who invited you about your questions so that they can explain more to you.

    1. Split Barometer is a measuring scale with a value range from 0% to 100%. The percentage is determined by network growth and the demand of tokens. A split happens when the barometer level reaches 100%. That is the time when your tokens double in number.

    1. The exchange has nothing to do with the barometer. You can sell now, it will be place in the selling order for 5 days. If it’s completed, good but if not try again. Right now, there are more selling coins so be patient until you get your turn. It will be a lot easier when we go public in 2018.

  16. I want to sell my onecoin account i have financial problems can someone help me please?? I sell my coins at only 0,50 cents, have 60.000 coins.
    Contact me +31615591288

      1. I have the coins since may-june. If you are interested to buy these coins at a very low price you can contact me via +316 15591288

  17. Newbie here, please assist. Is there an average interval for split to take place or hit 100. Especially in combined packages like starter + trader. After one split, like how will it take before the next split.

    1. Please note that OneCoin is not a short term plan because you cannot sell all your coins at once. For a Tycoon Package, you can only sell 60 Euro per day. OneCoin will go public in 2018. Current price is 6.95 Euro. Possible price after 6 months is 10 Euro, maybe more or maybe less, no one knows. That is a safe assumption.

  18. Hi, I have made a free account & now i want to upgrade it with starter pack using Bank wire method. now using bank wire option i got the performa invoice having the bank detail.
    Now please confirm the mode of payment to that account.
    (1) NEFT/IMPS bank transfer.
    (2) Cash deposite
    (3) Cheque

    Shailesh (India

  19. hi,
    Sir if i get stater+tycoon package,how long later in the package, i can exchange out money coins ???
    How much money can be gained almost 1.5% how change meaning???

  20. Hey.but through passive earning you sell after the price of one coin accumulates
    To me it’s like even if your bitcoins accumulate,selling them itsnot easy and not a sure deal.
    Forexample;someone who bought 1000bitcoins at $0.10 in 2009 and wanted to sell them at $1100 .
    Did anybody manage to sell those 1000bitcoins at $1100 in 2013 since you can’t sell them in one day???
    I would like to join one coin and earn through passive income but am alittle bit skeptical since itsnot a sure deal to earn even if the price of each bitcoin accumulates since you can’t sell bitcoins in one day.
    I need your assistance.thnx

    1. Well there is nothing sure in this world sir, except change. But what I am saying is, you can sell but there will be limits. Limits are placed to control volatility. Once we go public in 2018, then we will more liquid market. Talk to us, send us an email for your other questions.

  21. please sir I registered on a starter and tycoon plus with 2 referees on starter and trader packages. explain the next my token, coin , reward bonus, to get and when (month) to get benefiting thanks

    1. First is create a free account then if you want to activate your account, just choose your package then send in your payment. Once account is activated, wait for split then submit tokens for mining. Wait for the coins to be mined and that’s it. Sell your coins at desired price. We suggest you wait until OneCoin go public in 2018.

  22. If I join how do I sell? How do I get the money. If I am passive because I don’t like meeting people or doing any advertising to sell

  23. OneCoin! Sounds like a great opportunity but to make real money you must biuld your network and earn bonuses. Coins???Well, hard to sell them as there are more people who want to sell them then to buy them. I do not see Onecoin being a popular currency on real market at end of 2018 even I have bought packages over 15,000 EURO. Only hoping that it is going to be fantastic, but nobody can make promises.

    1. True, nobody make promises. We just hope that OneCoin will adopted by the mass so that there will users. Only then we can use the coins freely just like fiat currency. But looking at Bitcoin now, we can have that success too. A lot of crypto currencies are coming out now and funny their concept is copied from OneCoin. It means we lead the way. We gave them the idea. But we are far ahead of the game.

  24. Am from Nigeria, my friend tell me about onecoin, but he said if I registered i now, i can withdraw millions in 3 months, please i want to no the truth about this onecoin

  25. hi….I heard the split is going to happen any moment so its safe to upgrade my account now. I plan on upgrading to starter. if after the split, would my tokens be doubled in two places….how do I earn by selling them….a friend said I could earn a lot from this, glad I found this site

    1. Yes it’s true that super split could happen any time soon, so make sure you upgrade your account before the super split. Your tokens will x4 after the super split. But do not set your expectations too high. For a starter package, you can only start selling your coins once we go public in 2018. Expected price by then is €25

  26. what package do I upgrade to so I can sell my coins and also if I refer people and get bonuses, how does the bonus add up. I heard pay time is every week on Monday also….so that’s false

  27. can u pls tell me the diffrence between “auto-saving ” & sharia-compliant account ” in Coinsafe Account..
    i have ticked ‘sharia-compliant account’ option.
    i dont want my onecoins get credited again in coinsafe account after maturity date.
    should i tick the box or not??

    1. It could be that you haven’t got your split because it is by batch, check again later. It could also be that you submitted your tokens before. Remember that submitted tokens do not split, unless you have auto mining account. Please double check and ask your upline. Thanks!

  28. Please help me to answer these questions, I have many queries to ask I am a newbie:
    – How long time does it take to get one split or how many people increase in order to get one split?
    – How much token can we put in mining per day?
    -How long can we get mining to earn the coin?
    -How much do they keep our coin in reserve or we can sell it all from our account?
    – How much do we can sell the coin per day?
    Thank you, I hope to get your answers soon

        1. With only 70 coins, you cannot sell coins. Another thing, selling of coins is temporarily closed so I suggest you wait until we go public, thanks!

  29. Whats the minimum required to fund a onecoin account n hw to go about it? Can it be funded using a PO wallet address (accountaddress) like blockchain?

    1. The minimum package is 140 Euro. You will get level 1 of the OneAcademy Course and also 1000 Tokens with 1 split. After split, you will get a total of 2000 tokens. That is what you can submit for mining your coins. Yes you can use Bitcoin to pay for your package.

    1. If you have 100 coins, you can only sell 1.5% daily of your total coins. So 100 x 1.5% is 1.5 coins – but the rule is must be whole number and minim is 1 coin, so it means you can only sell 1 coin daily from Monday to Friday. You need at least 70 coins in your account to be able to sell few coins. Wait until 2nd quarter of 2018 to sell all your coins when we go public.

  30. i live in idnia i tried to regiter here but due to some problem in ur site cudnt get succeded. let me know how to proceed further . thanks

  31. Pls sir, as a rookie, I have some people on my left side network, if i register someone on my right side and he activates his account, will i be paid bonus even while i haven’t upgraded?

  32. I read about this online, now I’ve registered and signed up.
    At least I think I have to buy my own coins, and how am I suppose to do that?
    Dont forget ONELIFE am from Nigeria.

    1. Pls follow the instructions in How To Join page. It will guide to activate your account. If you have successfully created a rookie account, log in to your rookie account and you should receive a message from is within 24-48 hours for more instructions.

  33. Sir/Madam,

    What is the valve of each OFC; as we have converted Ones to OFC and was multiplied by 200. If you have 200 Ones X 200 OFC = 40,000 OFC’s, does this 40,000 means shares or what does it stand for? I need to know the shares that member will have bases on what….

    1. Yes, 200 ONE x 200 OFC = 40,000 OFC’s – but it does not mean it’s 40,000 shares. We will know more about it in the coming days. As of now, we have limited info. Please contact OneCoin Support if you want to get deeper info, thanks!

  34. I hav a trader package put in 2yrs coinsafe automatic mining. 1. what is my expected benefit after two years? 2. is it possibl to withraw some money benefit monthly?

    1. First, you get interest on your coins, I believe 12% after maturity. By then, the value of the coin is significantly higher than today’s value. Remember, OneCoin will go public in the second quarter of 2018. When your coins are in CoinSafe, you cannot touch them until it matures.

  35. Pls. Sir i would like to know how to calculate one coin. And what would I expect as I have already put my starter package on coin safe for one yearyear.

    1. You will get a minimum of 10% of your coins for 12 months if you put your coins in CoinSafe. Currently, the value of OneCoin is 9.85 Euro – Dr. Ruja said we target 25 Euro before the IPO so just multiply that to the number of coins you have right now.

      1. i m new in one coin i dont know about this i creat a acconut one life
        you tell now what i do plz share some detail a to z about this

        1. Hi sir, I suggest you email us or contact us using our contact form so that we can discuss to you further. Thanks and looking forward on your email 🙂

  36. Good evening, please i need an assistance from you, i want to know why my one account remain the same after a slit have occur this afternoon, the price changes to 9.85 that’s after the split, my one account remain zero, no token account to summit for mining. and i have not mining my token,please help me.thank you for cooperation.

    1. Hi there, sorry for the late reply. Please note that submitted tokens for mining will not split anymore so you have to check that because you said you have no tokens in your account. Possible reason is you have already submitted your tokens before.

  37. hello sir first of all thanks for all the information you provided i want to confirm that is it guaranteed that its rate will increase up to 100 euro and it will cross bitcoin. waiting for your answer.

    1. Hi sir, please be reminded that we cannot guarantee that it will happen for sure, but recently Dr. Ruja Ignatova made a goal to get atleast 25 Euro end of 2017, along with plans to go IPO in 2nd quarter of 2018. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but it is wise to be ready 🙂

    1. Hello sir, what information you wanted to know. Pls email us or contact us using using our contact form so that we can assist you further, thanks!

    1. Selling of coins is temporarily on hold. Other options that you can do to your coins now is 1-convert your coins into OFC 2-use it to buy deals at dealshaker 3-save it to coinsafe to earn interest for at least 1 year 4-wait until we go public. Pls contact the person who introduced you to OneCoin and asked them your questions, thanks!

    1. Kindly contact Perfect Money sir on how you can fund your account to buy a package. You need to set up your Perfect Money account first then once its good to go, log in to OneCoin and click SHOP then click Upgrade Account and choose Starter Package then go to check out and choose Perfect Money as mode of payment. Then you should get a code and use that code to activate your account and redeem. Pls contact us if you need more assistance – thanks!

  38. HI, Apart from international bank transfer what other methods can i buy onecoin from. Is it not possible to have trusted someone in the company who resides in south africa and he is ready to transfer to me from his account?

    1. For safety concern sir, we must register tru the company and pay directly. Pls create a FREE account now and we will send you details on how to actiavte your account easily, thanks!

    1. You need 99 tokens to mine 1 coin. Sorry, but we do not have info on how long or when will they open selling coins again. Safe bet is maybe when we go public.

  39. Could you please explain what exactly is Matching Bonus as it seems confusing. Some states that it’s the percentage of network bonus one’s downline is earning (up to 4th generation), some states it’s the percentage of direct sale of one’s downline (again up to 4th generation), some states that one’s left and right business has to match for this to be earn. Could you please explain Matching bonus in easy language.

    1. You can earn 10%-25% in Matching bonus depending on your package type. But in order to qualify, you must first have at least 1 direct referral on both legs with a minimum Trader account package. Once you have that, then you can earn Matching bonus. To earn, your direct referral in your legs must earn Network bonus, then you get 10%-25% of their network bonus. If one of your 1st level direct referral is earning 1000 Euro Network Bonus, then you get 10% of that which is 100 Euro. Same goes to other direct refferal up to 4th level, gets?

  40. what does going public mean?
    What happens to the coins if by the time onecoin goes public its not globally recognised assume it remains the way it is now say at 15 Euros? What would be the next step?
    If no one buys the coins what happens, does it mean a loss in business?

    1. You have to understand that the company is doing everything to make it happen – to go to the public by 2nd quarter of 2018. It’s not an easy process, but we will. Erase negativity 🙂

    1. First is to create a rookie account and you have 14 days to reserve your spot and get activated. Do that first then we will send you details on what to do next, thanks!

  41. Hi Sir,
    How can I earn more tokens ? After the split I submitted it to mining. Then out it on coinsafe.
    Is it possible to earn tokens without upgrading my current account? Thank you.

    1. Yes you can earn tokens/coins if you invite people. Part of your bonuses is automatically converted to tokens=coins.

  42. hi,
    I have a started package with around 50 coins only in my account and no tokens. My friend had sponsored me and invested my little money in it around 6-8 months back and now I have no contact with my friend for further action or plan . now I want little understanding of how can I earn or increase my account. can anyone help me on this.
    when will I be able to get profit out of my investment?
    can I sale them right now or can I do any trading or mining to grow my coins.
    please if anyone of you can guide me?

    1. If you want to get more coins, upgrade your account or refer other people and use your bonus to buy a higher package. Right now, you need to wait until OneCoin go IPO on the second quarter of 2018 to start selling your coins. Hope that helps!

  43. What is the benefit of making a rookie account when you don’t get any tokens? Should’t I just start with starter package?

    1. Everybody starts with rookie account. Then you decide if you want to upgrade your account to Starter package or higher.

      1. please,
        1. what is the value of onecoin to euro currently?
        2. After mining, can i request for withdrawal?

        1. OneCoin is now price at 12.45 Euro – currently, we cannot withdraw yet as there is no trading of the coins yet. wait until we go public in 2nd quarter of 2018 for liquidation.

  44. hi guys,

    WHAT i would like to know is what will happens to all the tokens en splits after IPO ?
    WILL it just do it minings and splitings and it will not expired because of IPO.
    IN the end wil i still receive coins after IPO because i have splits and tokens to mind.

    1. How many splits do you have? I don’t think you still have splits left after the IPO because by then all your splits happened. We will have another set of packages after the IPO so no need to worry.

  45. Hi guys,

    If i have coins now to sell inorder to buy more packets ride now is it possible?
    All this before IPO and after IPO my splits is not completed.
    What will happen to my splits and tokens will it stop also?
    Please inform me about this ?

    1. Sorry but i don’t understand your question. Note that a package can only split once or twice or depending on the type of package that you have. Please contact the person who sponsored you to explain it to you so that you will understand.

  46. Dear Team,

    I have an one coin account and have OFC as well, my question is when we go public how many OFC are equal to share or one OFC is equal to one share kindly explain and also what will be expected rate of one life share price when its gone public.


    1. Thanks for your question. We do not have info yet as to how many OFC needed for 1 share. Planning and development is still on its early stage and we shall get more info later on. Be sure to stay tuned for updates, thanks!

    1. Sorry but Indian market is closed at the moment due to some leaders who are doing the business in a wrong way so to stop this wrong doing, registration is stopped. Please wait for further notice until it is open again, thanks!

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