Every effort has been made to accurately represent

this opportunity and its potential.

We do not position OneCoin as a “Get Rich Scheme.”

There is no guarantee, BUT we are optimistic.

OneCoin – the future of payments!

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28 Replies to “Contact Us”

    1. Good day sir, please contact the person who sponsored you so that you can arrange payment. If we are your sponsor, please contact us via WhatsApp at +85268443502 so that we can discuss to you the options on how to pay.

  1. hi, me Asif John. please, i want to know about OFCs details such as, what are these, how these are given, holders may have to pay more for their ofcs when company will register in open market, may company give same quantity of shares as ofcs or not,

    1. Hi there, OFC is Options for Future Certificate that you can get if your convert your coins ONE before the scheduled IPO in 2018. This of course will give you benefit of acquiring shares of stock before the public can buy. However, information is limited at the moment. If you have more questions, please contact OneCoin Support.

        1. Hello! If you join our team, we can arrange a payment via PayPal. Please note that Dubai office does not take any payment from there, otherwise contact the person who introduced you this, thanks!

  2. I originally have 101,000 one coins in my wallet and when Dr. Ruja first gave the opportunity to us I took 75000 of my coins and converted them to stock, I think I have 15,000,000 shares, but I can’t see it as I can’t go to my back office as I am in the US. Is there anyway to check my OFCs from another site, then my wallet?
    Thank you
    David Paris

  3. I have 40000 coins in my onecoin account. How can I withdraw some money from it? Need to convert some coins as soon as possible.
    I trusted on OneCoin and became its member at initial stage only. I hope you will help me out with my problem.

    1. Pls wait for the new announcement in October. But to set your expectations, you cannot sell coins yet until October 2018.

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