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OneCoinCryptoCurrency.biz is created to “help” those who wanted to get educated in general about bitcoin, blockchain and basically how to profit and trade cryptocurrency, specifically “OneCoin”.

I discovered about OneCoin in May of 2015 and since then, I wanted to create a site where all possible information about OneCoin can be found at one stop. I got involved more closely to the company and basically saw the growth of the network. From 300,000 members in May 2015 to almost 3 million active users in February 2017, a phenomenal growth I must say.

Where it all started 🙂

Writing is my hobby and reading is my past time. Through reading various posts online, I uncovered the secret in blogging. The secret is: you can make money online by blogging (well, it’s no longer a secret huh). With that discovery, I started learning how to put up a blog. Today, I managed few blogs which are optimized to earn me money passively. Although, this blog is aimed to primarily give out information to those who wish to join the network, I earn affiliate commission when somebody joins under my network (disclaimer).

Why read this blog?

The truth is, there are so many blogs out there that are focused on things about OneCoin. But I am actually one of the very first to published information about OneCoin – dated May 30, 2015. Back then, there is few sources to get information that is why it motivates me to create an information hub for those people who wanted to Join OneCoin. The bad thing is, my How To Join post and other articles was copied numerous times by other bloggers who are lazy enough to copy my content. I wanted to impose a copyright infringement to them, but that would be tedious and tiring so I just decided to keep silent and let the force be with me.

Moving on, I will continuously update my posts and published relevant articles from time to time to keep my content fresh. Hopefully, by reading this blog you will find the contents to be valuable and be enlightened on your questions before joining OneCoin.

Who am I?

My name is Ryan Cruz – the owner of this blog.

I’ve had few office jobs in the past, but I think working 8 to 5 is not what I like the most. Not that it’s boring or not challenging, but I guess it’s not my cup of tea. I don’t know how to explain actually, but yeah I just don’t like office works, sorry. If you love and enjoy your office jobs, good for you. I wish you the best. But to me, what I enjoy is traveling while working. I’ve been a field researcher for 2 years and I think it’s been my best working days by far. Since then, I planned on how to get free travel while earning. Guess what, I’ve found how to do that. Well, it’s not just blogging, but mainly making money online that helped me achieved this perfect working while traveling set up.

Random facts about me 🙂

  • I am originally from the Philippines
  • I am currently based in Hong Kong
  • I am young but old enough to know what is right and wrong
  • I am a bit perfectionist but can always adjust depending on circumstances
  • I enjoy blogging and I am so happy that I started because it changed my life
  • I like taking calculated risks
  • I don’t care about what other people think of me
  • I love helping other people, it makes me happy

Get in touch 🙂

I am very thankful to all my readers and those who joined my team. Also to those who took the time to leave a comment. I will do all my best to respond to all your comments and emails.

Please send me a message at onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency@gmail.com or WhatsApp me at +85268443502


Thank you and Be Blessed (-_-)