OneCoin price saw it’s biggest price jump on March 9, 2017 – from €7.85 to €9.85 per coin. This is by far the most exciting price increase of the coin which clearly shows that OneCoin is getting more value. As announced by Dr. Ruja, the target price for 2017 is €25 – so we are €15.15 away from the goal. The launching of the e-commerce platform will add usability of the coin, thus creating more value.

The mining difficulty has increased too from 79 tokens per coin to 99 tokens needed to mine 1 coin. This means that more miners had submitted their tokens into mining, but it also means that new miners would need more tokens to mine their coins. So for anyone who is still waiting before joining, you need to start as soon as you can to get the most coins out of your tokens.

OneCoin currently has over 3 million members 🙂

Meanwhile, OneCoin made an official response regarding a recent post from a site claiming that OneCoin doesn’t have real Blockchain. In the post, they are saying that OneCoin tried to hire a Blockchain expert to build OneCoin Blockchain. The person involved denied the offer even with a big sum of money as salary in the tune of millions of dollars for his expertise. BUT OneCoin denied such claims and reiterated that the post is baseless, false and untrue. Here is part of the official response:

“In relation to recent online publications regarding Onecoin and its blockchain, we would like to reassure you that the published information contains entirely false and misleading statements. We consider such actions as unfair competition and purposeful defamation, aimed to hamper the business development and prevent the growth of a strong cryptocurrency, such as OneCoin.

Please be kindly informed that the Company has never offered a position to this person, and he has never been asked to “build” a blockchain for Onecoin. Therefore any claims related to offers and salaries are totally false and untrue. Please note that all necessary legal measures to protect our members’ and OneCoin users’ interests have already been undertaken.”

On the lighter news, there will be a OneCoin Macau Global Event on May 7, 2017 at the Studio City Event Center, Macau which will be attended by the founder, CEO and other key personnel of the company. Tickets are now available at with prices Platinum:€250 – Gold: €150 – Silver:€100 – get your tickets now!

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