Good news to all OneLife IMA’s in Latin America. OneLife Network opened 2 new offices in Mexico and Colombia. This is in addition to the 3 existing offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Bulgaria as the head quarters.

The OneLife Network office in Mexico city is located in a secure sector of the city with terrific public transportation access. This office has been open for a few months with the intention to serve the IMA’s in Mexico. According to the company newsletter, currently the office are not able to provide CUSTOMER SUPPORT for any back office questions/issues, so please do not inquire there as the personnel has not been trained yet.

The Mexico office includes private workstations and a VIP area with a capacity of 100 people, perfect for medium sized meetings to hold OLN demos and presentation events to potential recruits. There is no cost to use the office. If you want to know the exact address of Mexico office, please contact OneCoin Support.

As for Colombia office, stay tuned for more information.

OneCoin and OneLife is getting bigger and better. As of writing, there is nearly 3 Million members worldwide. That is why it is relevant that the company is expanding offices to key markets to cater IMA’s in the region.


8 Replies to “OneLife Opened 2 New Offices: Mexico and Colombia”

  1. Nice but how can I no that one coin increase rate
    U have any graph like please give me.

    One life One coin Team
    Wish u a all the best to all of users
    By the by I’m also one coin family member

    1. Submiited tokens cannot split anymore that is why you need to wait for the split/splits that you have before submitting tokens into mining.

  2. I just sent coins for mining. Thought we were supposed to have coin double. When was the last split this month and what’s the current value of onecoin?

    1. If you buy a package, make sure you wait for the split/splits that you have before submitting tokens into mining. Coin price is now at 12.45 Euro

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