In a post dated February 16, 2017 – Yahoo Finance posted that DealShaker is set to reshape the e-commerce industry. While e-commerce is not new, the new platform is a hybrid of its own because its payment system uses a new money called “cryptocurrency”. For the past 5 years, cryptocurrency is taking over the internet, at least for those who are involved, thanks to Bitcoin.

What is DealShaker?

Dealshaker is an online deals marketplace and advertising service provider launched by OneLife Network. The platform enables business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions to offer goods and services to the multi-million user network of OneCoin.

What makes  DealShaker different from other e-commerce platform like Groupon is buyers can use their OneCoin “ONE” cryptocurrency as an exchange of value in combination with cash. As of writing, there is almost 3 million members of OneLife Network who can take advantage of this new platform. If you are a merchant who wanted to sell goods and services to the OneCoin community, create an account as merchant here. It is FREE to join as a merchant.

OneCoin is Getting Attention

It is no doubt that a quick Google search about OneCoin will give you a bunch of results saying “OneCoin is a SCAM”. However, this does not mean its true. If you were one of those who believed that those blog posts were true and decided not to join OneCoin when the opportunity was first presented to you, well it’s not yet too late to dive in. Create a FREE OneCoin account now  and be part of the biggest network of cryptocurrency users.

In another news, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, OneCoin Founder, announced in January the plan of OneCoin to go IPO in the second quarter of 2018. As a reward to pioneer members, they can exchange their coins “ONE” into OFC (Options for Future Certificate). There is a promo until March 15, 2017 where 1 ONE coin is equal to of 200 OFC. After the promo, it be back to the normal exchange rate of 100 OFC to 1 ONE coin. More info on How To Convert OneCoin To OFC Here.



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    1. OneCoin is 2 years now. From the beginning, we have been called scam – until now, but we are still here, bigger and better. It’s up to you when you will decide to believe us. But to answer your question – we are real.

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