Did you miss out Bitcoin?

What if you can go back in time and get the chance to buy Bitcoin?

I am sure that you will buy as many as you possibly can

If you bought 1000 Bitcoins in 2009 ($100) – Today it is worth $1,000,000 

Sadly, you cannot bring back time

BUT the Good News is, there is another Opportunity that you can take advantage Today

Learn from the past and act on it

Don’t you dare miss it again!

Introducing OneCoin

OneCoin is a new crypto-currency that is born out of the success of the pioneering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

It is based on cryptography and created through a process called ‘mining’. Just like the serial number on a paper bill, each digital coin is unique.

Watch the video presentation below to understand more about this rare opportunity

Did you missed out buying Bitcoins when they were worth $0.10?

Do Not Miss It Again!!!

Get a hold of OneCoin Today!

OneCoin is worth €15.95 as of August 30, 2017

€9.85 in March 9, 2017

€7.85 in Nov. 25, 2016

€6.95 in Aug. 15, 2016

$6.95 in May 30, 2016

$5.85 in Feb. 5, 2016

$4.85 in Jan. 12, 2016

$4.31 in Dec. 30, 2015

$3.61 in Nov. 13, 2015

$2.68 in Oct. 31, 2015

€1.05 in May 2015

Updated Price – check: www.xcoinx.com (close in preparation for IPO)

Dr. Ruja’s goal for 2017

€25 OneCoin value at the end of 2017

10 Million Paid Members

1 Million Merchants accepting OneCoin

Then we go public or IPO in 2nd quarter of 2018

Don’t sit back and wait!!!

NOW is the Perfect Time to put your money into Cryptocurrency!

 Make your 2017 your BEST Financial Year Ever!

There are over 2.9 Million Members in 194+ Countries Now

OneCoin Needs

No Selling

No Recruiting

No Monthly Cost

Join OneCoin Now!

Join our Team To Maximize Your Potential!

Let’s do this together! We have an amazing group on Facebook with some of the Top leaders bringing this opportunity into the whole world.

We will help you  build your business with great support to provide everything you need 🙂

Do not be left out this time!

Why Join OneCoin?

OneCoin have a very unique platform that will let your money work for you. NO selling and most of all NO recruiting required to earn. If you are looking into creating a PASSIVE INCOME – this is for you.

 You don’t have to be RICH to start

But you need to start to be RICH

 How to get Started?

You can create a FREE account Today and Upgrade Later

Get an access to the back office and decide if you want to upgrade whenever you want

Reserve your spot now!


How To Join?

How To Earn?

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OneCoin Office Address

How To Contact OneCoin Support

What To Do After Activating My Account




 Contact us directly for access to our group and private resources

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email: onecoinoneworldcryptocurrency@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +852-68443502


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  1. If I invest and I make a profit and after 2 years say I Have 50000euros and I need to buy a house or I have a medical emergency can I cash out all my money? will there be a penalty for that? and how would I recieve payment and how long will it take?.

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